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March 8, 2018

International Woman's Day: Women empowering women | Nikki Rogers decided to turn to Cambridge Weight Plan as a last attempt to lose some weight, but She didn’t expect the impact her Consultant would have on her life. By Shake It Up, Cambridge Weight Plan blogNikki Rogers decided to turn to Cambridge Weight Plan as a last attempt to lose some weight, but She didn’t expect the impact her Consultant would have on her life.

“After seeing a friend of mine successfully lose weight with Cambridge Weight Plan, I decided to give it ago myself. I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure what it involved, but after doing lots of research I found out it was a successful diet backed by lots of research trials proving how effective it is.

“In the past, I tried every diet going but nothing seemed to work. However, after my first meeting with my CWP Consultant, Jane Jackson, I knew that this was going to work for me. I really enjoyed the Products, the Plan worked well for me, but it was Jane’s constant motivation that helped give me the power to lose six stone.

“Jane’s encouraging words and honest advice during our weekly weigh-ins would leave me feeling driven, empowered, and confident that I could do it. Before I lost weight, many people would have thought that I was naturally an outgoing person, but it was all a front. Deep down I had little confidence and my weight held me back. But as soon as I started losing weight, my confidence grew and grew. I began thriving at work because I was taking on more challenges, and participating in more public speaking. I thought that if I can lose weight, then I can do anything.

“One day, Jane asked if I had considered becoming a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. At the time I hadn’t; I loved my full-time job and I didn’t really need an extra income. However, although I have a very supportive family around me, I realised that Jane’s help had really transformed me. The confidence she had given me, just by giving words of encouragement and listening to my problems, empowered me so much and improved every aspect of my life. I realised that I wanted to pass this on and help other women (and men too!).

“My aim now is to not only help people improve their health and well-being, but to also show that there are career opportunities with Cambridge Weight Plan. There are many people out there, especially mums, are unable to find part-time work, have had to give up their careers to look after their family, or who have to work zero contract hours. By becoming a Consultant, they can own their own business, have the flexibility to work around their family, while bringing home a considerable income. Plus, their business can be as big or small as they chose – they have the control.

“I now have a very successful Cambridge Weight Plan business which I run alongside my full-time job. Prior to becoming a Consultant, I had no experience of running a business at all, but I’ve learned so many new skills.

“I’ve inspired my daughter and she’s now a massive Cambridge Weight Plan fan! As soon as she turns 18 this year, she is going to become a Consultant too and earn her own income.

“Even though Jane is no longer my Consultant, as I am successfully maintaining my weight, she is now my Sponsor and a very close friend of mine, and I thank her for everything she has given me.

“Cambridge Weight Plan is more than losing weight, it empowers women and brings them together.”

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