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Woman of the Year – Nickael Briggs

February 9, 2018
Meet our amazing Woman of the Year, Nickael Briggs, who lost an incredible 9st on Cambridge Weight Plan! Read her inspiring story… Before
Meet our amazing Woman of the Year, Nickael Briggs, who lost an incredible 9st on Cambridge Weight Plan! Read her inspiring story… After
Name: Nickael Briggs
Age: 27
5ft 5
Start weight: 
19st 9lbs
Current weight:
10st 9lbs
Total weight loss: 9st

School teacher Nickael made a deal with her class that if they applied themselves and gave 100% they would get good grades. Feeling she had to promise something in return she decided to lose weight. The class excelled in their exams and Nickael kept her end of the bargain, losing an amazing 9st. Nickael was named Cambridge Weight Plan’s Woman of the Year! Read her inspiring story.

We then caught up with her to see how she feels now…

How did it feel to be named Woman of the Year?

To be named Woman of the Year for Cambridge Weight Plan was just mind blowing!

I remember feeling confused and completely shocked which was shortly followed by excitement for what it meant! It’s as if time stood still in that moment when my name was announced…the screams from my sister and Consultant made me realise what had just happened. I was extremely honoured and overwhelmed to be shortlisted, so to win Woman of the Year was just incredible! Seeing my name on that big screen alongside ‘Woman of the Year’ will be a memory that I will never forget.

You’re a teacher, what did your students say when you gave them the good news?

My current students gave me a standing ovation when I announced it! This was shortly followed by “Miss does this mean you are famous now?” and “Does this mean you’re leaving?” I quickly assured them that I was staying and that their homework that I set them the previous week was still due in (they assumed I had forgotten!).

I recently received an email from a student who is now in Sixth form but was a member of my class when I first set my weight-loss target. This student ended the email with “btw miss how is the weight loss going?” I emailed back sharing that I had reached my goal weight and also won Woman of the Year. His response was brilliant “Miss I am so proud of you!! You did it! That goal we set you last year, you have achieved it.” Best feeling ever!

What is the best thing about Cambridge Weight Plan?

For me, the best thing is the invaluable one-to-one support you receive from your Consultant and not forgetting the tasty products! My Consultant Liza Harding-Buck supported me from day one and was always available when I reached a low point and felt like giving up. A classic line she would use was “What would you advise your students if they told you they wanting to give up with their GCSE’s?” That comment would always be enough to keep me going as well as the daily motivational messages she would send me. The tasty products have to get a mention because they suited my lifestyle fully and meant that staying on Plan was that much easier.

What does 2018 have in store for you?

2017 has been such a successful year, which has now motivated me to make 2018 even better by setting myself even more ambitious targets! I have recently been accredited as an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant and see around 30 clients each week – I intend to increase this to 50 by the end of 2018! I’m really involved with the #CWP60Day Challenge. This will help me grow my business and maximise the use of social media in raising awareness about how life-changing Cambridge Weight Plan is. I also plan to have my deposit saved for a mortgage.

What words of wisdom would you share with anyone starting their CWP journey?

Go for it! Believe in the Plan, it works! Tell yourself you are unstoppable and watch your body and life transform before your very eyes. Remember patience and consistency is key! If you put in 100% you will be 100% body confident once you reach goal!

Check out more weight loss success stories like Nickael’s. To create your own success story contact a Consultant today!

The weight lost and/or time frames are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight-loss journey is unique to them.

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