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  • With the nice weather fast approaching (well, it’s supposed to be!), spring then summer will soon be here. This is the time when a lot of people start thinking about losing weight as it’s normally when we have the most…
  • Some of you might already be thinking about losing weight in the New Year. Is this you? If so, our 60-Day Challenge could be the solution you need. Starting in January, the #CWP60Day Challenge is all about challenging yourself to…
  • There are many great reasons why people thoroughly enjoy working as a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. First of all running your own business gives you freedom, and it brings you satisfaction from being able to help others to achieve their…
  • Weekend Blow-Outs

    by Shake It Up October 5, 2017
    Dieting is so much easier to stick to Monday to Friday, but when the weekend comes all structure goes out of the window, and with it, the diet! So, how do you make sure your hard work during the week…
  • We Are There for You!

    by Shake It Up September 21, 2017
    You are never alone with Cambridge Weight Plan. Your weight-loss journey with us is all about support, encouragement, empathy, understanding and a lot of listening. We are there for you! We talked to our Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants Tracey…
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