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Top Weight-Loss Advice from Award Winning Slimmers

April 9, 2017

We asked our 2016/17 Slimmer of the Year award winners to tell us some of their top tips for sticking to Plan, believing in yourself and hitting that end target. Read their advice on Cambridge Weight Plan’s blogWe asked our 2016/17 Slimmer of the Year award winners to tell us some of their top tips for sticking to Plan, believing in yourself and hitting that end target, here is their advice for you:

Grace Mecklenburgh

  • Keep on going and don’t give up!
  • Believe it’s possible, know your reasons why and give it your all
  • It’s not going to be easy but I PROMISE you… it’s going to be worth it
  • No amount of food will give you that million dollar smile that you get when you achieve your goals, knowing you’ve worked so hard to get there!
  • Be proud of your journey, every step of the way
  • Why are you trying to fit in? When you were born to stand out!

Shannen Roan

  • Face any problems you have head on, don’t bury your head in food!
  • Focus on having the life and confidence you never thought you could have!

Sarah Shelley

  • If you fall off Plan never give up, just start again straight away. Don’t let one slip up ruin a whole week
  • Always drink your water, it helps with much more than just your thirst
  • Never compare your weight-loss journey to anyone else. We are all individuals and lose weight at our own rate
  • Always go for your weekly weigh in even if you’ve had a bad week. That support from your CWP Consultant is invaluable

Lisa Gormley

  • Follow the Plan as advised by your Consultant, keep focused and the weight will fall off
  • I’ve been maintaining for a year now and healthy eating is so easy, I’m not deprived I’m just careful. I automatically choose the healthy options, of course I still have treats, just in moderation

Erin Townsend

  • Learn how to enjoy food in moderation and know your limits. Eating the right type of food gives you a great sense of satisfaction
  • Keep fluid intake up
  • Make new habits so that you don’t fall back to your old ones

Sarah Hollinshead

  • Always believe in the Plan
  • Give it 100%
  • Make sure you weigh and measure weekly


  • Believe in yourself because if you do then anything is possible
  • Sleep, eat, repeat and stick to your Step, that is the CWP plan and it works.


  • Sharing spreads the load, confide in your Consultant if you have any concerns
  • Be focused and determined
  • Break your goals into bite size chunks

Suzi Smythe

  • Keep Cambridge in your life, I have a CWP product for Breakfast, as keeps me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day to choose wisely
  • It is very important to drink your water…EVERYDAY!
  • Most importantly have fun! Love long and enjoy…

Les Beazley

  • Stay humble and be realistic

Anthony Walker

  • I’d advise young people like myself to try and not let their embarrassment stop them from getting the help that they need as my life now is 100% better than I could ever have  imagined. I  tackled my weight problem,  lost the weight and gained a life!

Althea Walker

  • My weight-loss story highlights that you should never give up hope and that with the right kind of support, anything is possible

What an inspirational bunch, it’s no wonder they were chose to represent Cambridge Weight Plan!

Are you ready to tackle your weight head on and inspire others too? Maybe you could be one of next year’s amazing, award-winning brand ambassadors. Speak to a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant today and start writing your own success story.

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