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Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

February 27, 2017

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter. Summer is only 16 weeks away, don't panic about your bikini body, take action now! Check out how much weight you could lose before summer! Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan
The weather right now probably has you craving distant shores where the skies are sunnier and the temperatures are soaring. A third of all summer holidays are apparently booked in January and February. It’s no surprise that as the post-Christmas excitement wears off, winter doesn’t seem quite so fun (though there are plenty of reasons to love winter) and we start thinking ahead to summer.

So your holiday may or may not be booked already, but have you started thinking about your summer body? While it seems like it’s a long way off in the distance, the reality is that summer is only 16 weeks away. Fortunately, making a start on that bikini body now will give you a considerable head start on getting yourself holiday ready, leaving you just to worry about what to pack and what sort of bikini to buy as your holiday approaches, rather than panicking about your holiday diet.

Our handy chart below shows you just how much you can achieve in 16 weeks, pretty amazing if you ask us. In such a short time you could completely transform or kick start your long term weight-loss goals.

It’s easy to forget when the skies are so grey that summer is right around the corner, but it’s time to take action now! Don’t delay, find a local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant in your area today who can help you achieve your weight-loss goals in time for summer.

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