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Success Story: Victoria Dobbyn

February 27, 2018
Shortlisted for our Slimmer of the Year maintainer award, Victoria Dobbyn shares her journey and her tips on maintaining her weight loss. By Shake It Up, Cambridge Weight Plan blogBefore
Shortlisted for our Slimmer of the Year maintainer award, Victoria Dobbyn shares her journey and her tips on maintaining her weight loss. By Shake It Up, Cambridge Weight Plan blogAfter
Name: Victoria dobbyn
Age: 37
5ft 6
Start size: 
Current size:

Shortlisted for our Slimmer of the Year maintainer award, Victoria Dobbyn shares her journey and her tips on maintaining her weight loss.

“I had my first daughter at the age of 17 with my childhood sweetheart, but unfortunately we split up and this was the start of my weight gain and loss of confidence. I met my husband-to-be a few years later through a mutual friend, and went on to have another two daughters very close together. I felt my body never recovered from the first pregnancy, which led me to struggle to lose the baby weight. I was already lacking in confidence but the added weight was having a bigger impact than ever and my job was suffering as I started to have panic attacks.

“I had tried every diet under the sun, as they say, which always started off really well but my lack of confidence made my motivation slide and I would just end up comfort eating. My youngest daughter started nursery in 2011 and this is where I first met my Consultant Donna. Our daughters were best friends and we got talking in the playground about Cambridge Weight Plan. I was so interested and excited, I couldn’t wait to get started. This was just what I needed and the added extra support from the weekly consultations and weigh-ins (not forgetting I would see Donna in the playground every school day) really helped me. The results were amazing and my confidence grew!

“My new found confidence not only gave me the oomph I needed to start taking care of my appearance again, but also to start up my beauty and nail business from home, working around the children. Soon after I got to live out my childhood dream of riding and owning a horse, I always felt too heavy to do so before. I rode my horse every day and spent most of my time at the farm. I lost two and a half stone in 2011 and moved up the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps which enabled me to truly understand about food, portion sizes and control. I now realised the fuel I needed for my body, especially now I was gaining upper body strength from mucking out my horse at the farm and lower body strength from riding. I could see and feel my body shape changing so I started back at the gym to trim and sculpt my body, maintaining my weight over the last four years, moving between 9st 13lbs and 10st 7lbs with muscle tone.

“I was approached by an ex-boss of mine to become the new area sales manager driving up and down the country and holding very important regular business meetings, something I could never have done pre Cambridge Weight Plan. I did this part time alongside my beauty.

“In 2015 whilst out riding my horse, my horse tripped and I fell off causing my spine to pull apart. My disc herniated and then leaked and I was rushed to hospital where they kept me on many pain relief medications until I was sent home. I was in and out of hospital having check-ups, scans and many different medications to relieve the pain. I couldn’t drive or hardly move so I lost my sales job and had to stop my beauty, this in turn for financial reasons saw me having to sell my horse and very nearly lose my home. I was reliant on help all the time and I didn’t like it whilst patiently waiting for a spinal operation.

“Throughout all of the recent trauma my body has suffered, I continued to eat clean and healthy and implement all I had learnt throughout my Cambridge Weight Plan journey in 2011. It’s all down to Cambridge Weight Plan and my Consultant that I changed my eating habits as I would of automatically gone for high sugar loaded foods in any stressful or emotional situation, especially not being able to move, be mobile, drive or exercise.

“I am happy to report I am back at work doing my beauty, I am back at the gym and even doing CrossFit classes. Most importantly, I have maintained my weight over the past five years and will continue to do so with the paramount support from Donna; she is a crucial part in my successful maintenance journey and gives me regular weigh-ins to check on my weight. It somehow feels as I’m writing this I’ve come full circle to the beginning of my story. I had my first daughter at age 17, she is now 17 herself, and with the zest and energy I now have for life and looking after myself, many people think we are sisters.”

What a typical day looks like for Victoria:


I eat mainly porridge and occasionally I’ll have a bagel with low fat cheese spread.

Banana or apple for snack.


Jacket potato with tuna or homemade soup with a slice of wholemeal bread.

Banana or apple for snack.


Always high protein and veg with low carbs. So chicken with lots of veg and a small amount of new potatoes, or chicken with spices and wholemeal rice, or spaghetti Bolognese with wholemeal pasta, or slow cooked steak hotpot with lots of carrots leek and sweet potato.

I make sure I’m aware of calories with my daily diet so my days balance if I have more one day or alcohol at a weekend.

If I’m training I’ll allow myself bigger portions, around 1800-2000 kcals.

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The weight lost and/or time frames are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight-loss journey is unique to them.

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