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Success Story: Kelly Sullivan

May 2, 2017
Success Story: Kelly Sullivan. We are all thrilled here at Cambridge Weight Plan that one of our gorgeous slimmers, Kelly Sullivan, WON Bella magazine’s 12-week Shape-Up Challenge! By Shake It Up, Cambridge Weight Plan blogBefore
Success Story: Kelly Sullivan. We are all thrilled here at Cambridge Weight Plan that one of our gorgeous slimmers, Kelly Sullivan, WON Bella magazine’s 12-week Shape-Up Challenge! By Shake It Up, Cambridge Weight Plan blogAfter
Name: Kelly Sullivan
Age: 33
5ft 5
Start size: 
Current size:

We are all thrilled here at Cambridge Weight Plan that one of our slimmers, Kelly Sullivan, not only agreed to take part in, but WON national magazine Bella’s 12-week Shape-Up Challenge!

The challenge saw 33-year-old Kelly, from Salisbury, put up against slimmers from Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Jane Plan in a race against the clock to see who could lose the most weight in the three-month period.

And guess what? We beat Slimming World’s contestant by one pound and left the other two challengers standing.

Weigh to go Kelly!

You can watch her weight-loss journey below and see how she has lost almost three stone in 12 weeks, even though medical issues meant she had to take a week off Plan.

Here’s a rundown of her journey:

Week 1: “I weighed in for my first week and have lost 8lbs and 4 ½ inches! I’ve found it pretty easy. I started off on Step 4 which was 1,200kcals of food with two meal replacements included. The CWP food is delicious to be fair and I feel like I’m having a treat with some of the bars. I’m over the moon with this week.”

Week 2: “It’s my time of the month so no change on the scales, but I have lost 3 ¼ inches, two off my tummy, so that’s something. I have stepped down to Step 1b now which allows me four products per day. For breakfast I am having a Shake, Soup for lunch, a meal for evening and then a Chocolate or Yoghurt Bar for an evening treat, giving me 800kcals a day.

“My Consultant, Sharon, is amazing and supports me all the way. That’s why I find Cambridge Weight Plan is the right diet for me.”

Week 3: “I lost 6lbs this week, which takes me to a stone so far. I found it pretty good Monday to Friday, but really struggled at the weekend, as it was my six-year-old daughter’s birthday party and there was lots of cake. I didn’t touch any. We went to the cinema and I took water and a CWP Bar. So there have been some huge obstacles and I am very proud of myself.”

Week 4: “I’ve lost 3lbs and 3 ½ inches overall. There was birthday cake at the weekend again but I resisted and have done well. People are starting to notice the weight is coming off me.”

Week 5: “I’ve lost another 4lbs, bringing my total to one-and-a-half stone in five weeks. Week five has been a challenge, with lots of ups and downs with my moods and I’ve been a bit of a misery. It has been hard, but all the work is worth it. It’s definitely a diet that works. It takes willpower, which I didn’t think I had, but I do!”

Week 6: “I’ve lost another 2lbs this week, coming to 23lbs in six weeks! That’s almost two stone now! I’m looking forward to seeing the new me.”

Week 7: “I lost another 3lbs and 2 inches this week; that’s 26lbs in seven weeks. I’m over the moon and feeling really good. I’m getting lots of compliments from friends and family. I hadn’t realised how much weight I’d put on; my clothes that were too tight for me, are now loose on me. I wear the same dress every weigh-in and this dress was quite clingy on me. Now it’s looking a bit too big for me! I honestly love Cambridge Weight Plan and I’m really enjoying it. I think a lot is down to the one-to-one support from my Consultant.

Week 8: “I had to be taken off CWP last Monday because of medical issues. I had pains in my tummy and investigative tests are being done. CWP’s medical team have advised me to come off the diet – they say you shouldn’t be on any kind of diet in this situation. I have tried to stick to a low-carb and low-sugar diet in the meantime but I have put a pound on. But I have lost an inch overall on my chest and tummy. I’m going to hospital on Wednesday and hopefully I will have some answers by then. The support from CWP is still amazing and it shows how much they care.”

Week 9: “I have had a scan and been given the all clear, so I’ve been straight back on Cambridge Weight Plan for four days now.  I’m back on Step 1b/2, going between the two, and the medical team are looking after me. They’ve been really good and cautious with me, which is great to know. I lost 5lbs on my weigh in, which takes me to 2st, 2lbs now!”

Week 10: “Lost another 2lbs on Step 2, had my three products and 200kcal meals, which are mostly protein-based. That’s 180kcals of protein and 20kcals of veg-based things. It’s been things like turkey burger in a lettuce leaf bun and stir-fried steak strips and lots of spinach. It’s so so quick to make and there’s no excuse ever not to cook or be lazy and order a takeaway again. Two minutes and your dinner is there. I’ve lost 32lbs in total now, that’s 2st 4lbs and I have decided I’m going to carry on after the 12-week challenge as well.”

Week 11: “I’ve lost another 4lbs and am delighted with that. I couldn’t ask for any more and have reached 2st 8lbs lost now. I’m really happy and lost another 3 ¼ inches as well. It’s been a really good week again, especially as I had to miss a week as well. I’m still not having any treats and staying strong and that’s showing on the scales. I’m looking forward to week 12, the final week and going to stick to what I’m doing cos this works. It’s the best diet I have been on and I couldn’t have done it without the one-to-one mentoring from Sharon. I’m really happy.”

Week 12: “Before I started on the Cambridge Weight Plan, I was wearing size-18 jeans that were so tight I struggled to sit down. Now I’ve had to chuck them away because they were too big and baggy on me. I’m stunned at how far I’ve come in just 12 weeks. If someone had told me on day one that in three months’ time I’d be 2st 8lbs lighter, I would have laughed. But it’s happened!”

Check out more weight loss success stories like Kelly’s. To create your own success story contact a Consultant today!

The weight lost and/or time frames are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them.

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