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Success Story: Katie Gordon

August 13, 2018
Success Story: Katie Gordon - Katie Gordon has lost over 10 stone with Cambridge Weight Plan, and she can now enjoy quality time with her sons! Read her amazing story...Before
Success Story: Katie Gordon - Katie Gordon has lost over 10 stone with Cambridge Weight Plan, and she can now enjoy quality time with her sons! Read her amazing story...After
Name: Katie Gordon
Age: 31
5ft 5
Start size: 
Current size:
Total weight loss: 10st 1lb

Our Family Champion winner, Katie Gordon, can now enjoy quality time with her sons thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan . . .

“I knew I was overweight, but over the last few years it crept up on me and I realised, at more than 20st, clothes weren’t just coming up small any more.

“After I had my first child, Josh, I was around 16st. I suffered with post-natal depression and anxiety after Finley arrived, and the scales kept creeping up and up. I could lose a couple of stone but then would lose motivation and it would all go back on again.

“By the time Josh was 12 and Finley was six, I couldn’t keep up with them. I was scared to take them to theme parks in case I couldn’t fit into rides and I would embarrass them and myself.

“Finley has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has a fight or flight response and, in summer 2016, he ran off over roads and I couldn’t catch him. Luckily Josh was with me and he caught him before he got hurt. I caught up eventually and carried him back, but I could hardly breathe. The sweat was dropping off me and I felt mortified. That was my Why. I couldn’t let that happen again.

Meeting Kate

“I’m a beautician and one of my clients had lost loads of weight on Cambridge Weight Plan and although I was dubious, I felt like it was the last try at a miracle. At my first appointment I was worried I would be bigger than anyone my new Consultant had seen before and that I would fail.

“Kate Moran put me right at ease, and when I stood on the scales I was shocked it said 20st 10lbs.But I was even more shocked at my BMI, and my waist was 55 inches. I was in a size 26-28.

“I started on Step 3 because I wanted to eat a meal at night with my boys. The first week went surprisingly well and I was gobsmacked when the scales showed a 10lbs loss, followed the next week with 4lbs . . . I had lost a stone already!

“The weight continued to go down and my family and clients were noticing a difference. It felt amazing!

“By December 2016, I had already lost four stones. I plucked up the courage to join the gym and was confident enough to take Josh to Alton Towers and I got in all the rides.

“I needed a new challenge so signed up for a 26.9-mile walk across the Peak District. It was challenging terrain with loads of training ahead of me, all to raise money for Macmillan. I walked and hiked regularly every week while the scales have ticked down and am proud to say I completed it; something I never would have been able to do before Cambridge Weight Plan came into my life.

“My life has changed so much. I enjoy doing things I never thought possible. I go jogging with the kids now and can keep up (sometimes I even beat them), I have a personal trainer, I go to trampoline parks with the boys, still hike and managed to do a high ropes challenge too! I’m already looking for my next challenge.

“Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan . . . you have given me my life back for my boys.”

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The weight lost and/or time frames are particular to this slimmer. Everyone’s weight-loss journey is unique to them.

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