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You need to question your cravings!

January 20, 2017

shutterstock_310686446We all get cravings for certain foods but have you ever wondered why? Sometimes when you’re craving something it can means that your body is actually lacking in certain nutrients (or you’ve been watching way too many recipe shows, step away from the Food Network!)

If you’ve got a particular craving that you cannot shake there may be a more nutritious option that’ll kill the craving! Here are a few classic cravings and their solutions, that may help you fill in those gaps in your nutrition.

Top tip: Did you know that each Cambridge Weight Plan product contains around a third of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. Meaning that you can make up some nutritional cravings with your CWP product allowances as well as the nutrient rich foods listed below, depending on what step your following (speak to your Consultant about what you’re allowed if you’re unsure!)

Chocolate – a craving for chocolate could mean that your body could actually be after a boost in magnesium! You can find Magnesium in almonds, bananas, pumpkin seeds, figs and spinach! Also we have a range of chocolate bars available on plan that may help satiate that desire if the spinach doesn’t cut it!

Sugary foods – craving something sweet can point to a host of nutrients your body may looking for, like carbon, chromium, phosphorus, sulphur or tryptophan. The best way to make up these cravings is with broccoli, chicken or sweet potato. Fruits may help you get your sweet fix too. Why not try one of our delicious fruity smoothies and see if they help the craving pass!

Carbohydrates – the classic, you want to pile your plate high with bread and pasta and potatoes but you know that they’re not allowed on Plan, your mind may just be playing tricks on you, telling you want things you can’t have, or your body might be lacking in protein! Tuck into beans, meat, nuts and eggs to help with this one, of course all of your CWP products are high in protein too!

To purchase Cambridge Weight Plan products find a Consultant today, they can also advise you on allowed foods for your Step, and provide you with guidance on a diet and weight-loss plan to help you kick these cravings for good!

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