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How Refreshing – Get Fruity!

July 1, 2016

Delicious, refreshing and fruity meal replacement weight loss milkshakes. Amazing range of flavours from one of the UKs leading weight management brands. Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan
Have you tried our full range of fruity flavours yet? There’s a variety of flavours to suit all taste buds including Banana, Mango, Fruits of the Forest and Strawberry. Do you have a favourite?

We love to blend these Shakes up with loads of ice to make refreshing thick milkshakes, perfect for cooling down with on a hot day. They also taste fabulous made up into mousses for a lovely summer dessert like treat, check out our mix-a-mousse to transform your Shakes.

Our Shakes are super easy to make up on the go, just bring along a shaker, add water and mix (which is practically a work out in itself).

How do you like to drink your Shakes? What’s your favourite fruity flavour? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out our full product range here.

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