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Benefits of Drinking Water and Staying Hydrated

July 9, 2016

drinking water and hydrationSome may wonder why we put so much importance on drinking water while following the plan, there are several reasons for this not just because water is SO essential for your basic survival, our bodies ares nearly two-thirds water and so it is really important that you consume enough fluid to stay hydrated and healthy. If you don’t get enough fluid you may feel tired, get headaches and not perform at your best.

Your Consultant would have recommend drinking at least 2.25 litres or four pints of water per day. This helps to maintain blood volume and to prevent dehydration, while following a meal replacement plan you may not be getting as much water from food as you might have previously.

Your body uses water to help with many different processes, including:

  • Transporting nutrients and oxygen around your body
  • Getting rid of waste products
  • Controlling your temperature
  • The function of your digestive system
  • Drinking enough water will also help to keep your skin healthy

Here are some tips on how to maximise the times you drink your water

  • Wake up! Drink two glasses of water in the morning, it’s like a wake-up call for your organs
  • Carry a water bottle around with you all day! Don’t forget to leave your house without it and simply refill every time it’s empty
  • Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before meal – helps digestion and helps you feel fuller
  • Drink water when you think you’re hungry, if you feel a hunger pang between meals, pour yourself a tall glass of fresh drinking water first to see if you’re dehydrated. Sometimes people think they’re hungry when really they’re just thirsty
  • Drinking water before a snack or with one will help you feel full faster, helping keep calorie intake in check
  • Drink water before, during & after a workout. Drinking water during a workout can help your endurance and energy levels, giving you enough to see your exercise through to the end. Plus it will replace the water you lost through perspiration if you’ve worked out hard enough to build up a sweat

How do you make sure you drink enough water?

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Kim Stock July 19, 2016 - 3:45 pm

I use my Fitbit app to track water consumption! Very easy. I found with the CWP & Me app I kept forgetting, whereas the Fitbit dashboard is always open on my pc (it’s a permanently open tab!), which makes it easy to log things.

Jackie Buchan February 12, 2017 - 3:35 pm

I fill a litre bottle of water and keep it by my bed – when my alarm goes off I switch it off and drink some of my water – easy to drink first thing and it is nicely at room temperature!


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