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What Motivates You? The Top 5 Reasons

October 21, 2016

We asked our amazing #CWPfamily why they wanted to lose weight. Here are the top 5 reasons they gave us for starting Cambridge Weight Plan. Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan

We asked our amazing #CWPfamily what it was that motivated them to get started with CWP? Here are the top 5 reasons they gave us…

1. For a holiday

A lot of slimmers began their journey with beaches and bikinis in mind. Cambridge Weight Plan is the perfect solution for those who’ve left their bikini bod till the last minute. It’s ideal if you wanted to shed a few pounds before you take off.

“Started with CWP for the holiday I had coming up in August with my family. I started on Plan in May, at 10 St 3 and got down to 8 St 9 for holiday. I’m only 5ft tall so it’s made a massive difference to me and I feel like the old me again”

2. Weddings

Whether for their own weddings or for a family member’s, so many grooms, brides, bridesmaids and ‘sure to forced into the family photos’ guests come to Cambridge Weight Plan to lose weight before the big day.

Read our current runner-up Woman of the Year’s story about how Cambridge Weight Plan helped her get ready to walk down the aisle

3. For the kids

The apples of your eye, and the ultimate motivator, whether you want to run around after your young children, or make sure you’re around to see your Grandchildren grow up, so many say that wanting to be a great role model and having the energy to keep up with the kids is the main reason they start their diet.

“I lost my Mum when I was 29 through ill health, I didn’t want my daughter to experience the same emotional grief that I was going through. A year on plan as of tomorrow and hubby and I have lost over 13 stone between us! Cambridge is simply life changing, love it!”

@diwalrose on Instagram

“My eldest started high school last September and I was conscious that being an obese stage 3 mum at 21 stone 1lb was not the best start for her at an important stage of her life. I needed to get healthy for both my family and myself.”

4. For your health

A trip to the Dr has prompted many of our #CWPfamily to seek solutions to their health problems from a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

“I started the Plan to get healthy and beat the diabetes I was most likely developing and help the symptoms of Polycystic Ovaries I’d been experiencing”

5. A special event or date

School reunions, big parties, Christmas, New Year all came up when we asked this question, but a lot of you seem to be driven by those big birthdays (mostly the ones that end with an ‘0’)

“I started 13 days ago because I want to be fit for 30, not fat for 30! I have 33 weeks to achieve this!”

“I started 5 weeks ago, with the aim of losing 2 stone in 6 weeks for my 21st birthday, I’m 1lb away with 1 week left! I love the plan so much that I will be straight back on it to lose a further 2 and 1/2 stone after my birthday!”

 What was your special reason for getting started with Cambridge Weight Plan?

Whatever your weight loss motivation, if you’re ready to start your weight loss journey find a Consultant now.


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