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Thai Week Mix it Up: Thai Green Style Curry

February 25, 2017

Thai Week Mix it Up: Thai Green Style Curry. If you're following Step 2 and above then adding veg and protein, can turning your daily product selections into a really exciting, satisfying meals. Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight PlanHave you ever considered adding your vegetable/protein allowance to your meal packs? If you’re following Cambridge Weight Plan Step 2 and above, then adding the allowed veg and protein from your daily allowance can turn your daily product selection into a really exciting meal. Putting a twist on the classic 3-4 products plus a meal approach. It’s amazing how flexible the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps can be with a little creativity in the kitchen.

These food savvy Instagrammers have been embracing this tasty product hack with their Thai Green Style Curries, the latest addition to our meal pack range. Complimenting the exotic, fragrant flavours with a host of veg and different protein options.

Those following step 2 and above can have 80g of vegetables – we think mushrooms, spinach, courgette, mangetout and broccoli in particular compliment the Thai Green Style Curry. Steam or stir fry your veg while you prepare your curry in the microwave and then mix them all together.

The protein choices to go with this curry are really varied too, as you can see above our community have mixed it up with, quorn, chicken and prawns, all options will really get those taste buds tantalised and leave you feeling satisfied! Some other great ideas would be to stir fry some tofu, or bake a salmon fillet to accompany your dish, you could also whip up a serving of our amazing crab cake recipe from earlier this week for a real taste sensation, or spicy up and skewer your prawns.

You can purchase our Thai Green Style Curry from your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

For more information regarding the Steps and allowed foods please speak to your Consultant.

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