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With a Little Help from Your Friends

August 16, 2016

With a Little Help from Your Friends. Losing weight can be made a little easier when you have a slimming buddy to support you on your journey (as well as your CWP Consultant buddy, of course!) by Shake It Up - Cambridge Weight Plan

Losing weight can be made a little easier when you have a slimming buddy (as well as your Consultant buddy, of course!) whether it’s your best friend, a sibling, your partner, parents or your children. Some of our favourite connections are seeing people who have been supporting each other via social media become real life friends (or even real life boyfriend and girlfriend like David our Man of The Year).

Whether you’re leaning on your buddies for moral support or you’re losing weight together with some good old fashion competition, slimming with someone else by your side can be a real motivator.

Studies have shown that losing weight with someone else means that you’re more likely to reach your goals. Your friends don’t even have to be following the same weight-loss journey as you, or even losing weight at all themselves, all that matters is knowing you have their support. Here are some great ways to get your friends on board:

  • Diarise a weekly walk, spend time together catching up, while burning calories and aiding your weight loss, it’s a win-win! Check out our walking tips
  • When you’re ready to step up from walking why not book a fitness class with your friends, you can have a giggle looking silly trying to keep up with crazy Zumba moves together
  • Throw a Cambridge Weight Plan dinner party (check out our delicious recipes) if you’re on Step 4 or 5 – you could save your salad for starter, cook a fabulous meal and then dish up your fruit and milk (in the form of yoghurt) allowance for dessert
  • Set challenges, who can walk the most in a month (using an app like ‘Map My Run’) or who can stick to drinking enough water every day for 30 days (because even if you’re not on Plan 2 litres a day is important!)
  • Share your successes. One of the best ways to get your friends engaged and supportive of your journey is telling them how well you’re doing. They’ll be able to cheer you on and keep you going, especially as they witness your non-scale victories with their own eyes. Your growing confidence and happiness for one thing

Do you have a weight-loss buddy? Or have your friends been super supportive? We’d love to hear your weight-loss friends’ stories, share in the comments below!


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Claire fisher August 17, 2016 - 9:49 am

Me and my best friend Rachel are both on Cambridge we support each other all the time we are there to encourage one another threw difficult times when we face off plan or when we’re on. Plan we both have instagram were we post all things diet related and picturesof our self’s to motivate I find it better to have another person other than our consultant who by the way is amazing she is always there to talk and advise us when needed.

Shake It Up August 17, 2016 - 2:26 pm

It’s great to hear that you both have the support of each other! A journey is always better if it’s shared with your bestie 🙂

roger August 21, 2016 - 1:48 am

lets drink to that xxx


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