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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2016

Last minute Halloween costume ideas, for the fiendishly foolish who've yet to hop on their brooms to source the latest All Hallows Eve fashions... Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan
Have you been fiendishly foolish and left purchasing your Halloween costume to the very last minute? No need to stay awake with the things that go bump in the night, stressing over what you’ll wear – be that for partying, trick or treating or just answering the door to little creatures dressed up to scare. There’s no need for your wallet to fear either, we’ve got some cool budget-friendly ideas in here for you too! Scroll down, if you dare…

Sugar Skull

We’ve seen many a DIY Sugar Skull make-up disaster on Instagram the past few All Hallows Eves, so why not play it safe with a sugar skull face tattoo kit? Simply apply some white face paint first, allow to dry completely and then carefully apply these awesome temporary tattoos to your face. Top with a floral crown (this New Look one is gloriously gothic) and team with skeleton attire (dress, H&M, sizes 8-18) and you’re ready to scare. Beware, you may suddenly find that you look extra tasty to any dogs in your life.

Animal Kingdom

The cat is a classic, dress in all black and top with a mask for possibly the easiest costume ever. Go the extra mile by adding a tail (you could stuff a black stocking or 1 leg of a pair of tights and safety pin it) upgrade your costume to ‘cat burglar’ by throwing a ‘swag bag’ over your shoulder.

The gothic bunny is a new one to us but we thought it looked pretty cool, in a high fashion ‘Donnie Darko’ sort of way. Again, dress all in black, add your mask and off you hop to the Halloween ball.

Unicorns have been such a huge trend so far in 2016. They’re adorning clothing, home wares and just about every single inspirational quote post we see on Facebook, so why not pay homage by grabbing this trend by the horn and dressing as this fashionably mythical creature this Halloween. Wear anything you own that is in a pastel shade, add as much sparkle, sequins and glitter as you desire and top with this unicorn horn.

The mouse, we thought, could double as two costumes, you could go simply as a mouse… Or you could go as Karen from Mean Girls at Halloween “I’m a mouse, duh”. The choice (and amount of covering up you wish to do) is yours!

The Classics

Let’s not shy away from the Halloween costume department staples however. One black dress and a sparkly pointed hat and Dumbledore’s your uncle, you’re a wonderfully wicked witch. You can go all out green faced if western witches are your spellbinding inspiration, or keep this one sassy and sultry with a smokey eye or a vampy lip. Speaking of vamps, a pair of pointed fangs will set you back a whole 10p. You could be a ‘vintage’ Vampire (that black attire coming into play again), add pale makeup and throw on a cloak, or you could bring the costume up to date with some yellow contacts and sparkly skin – Lush’s Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar will give you that Bella Cullen undead glow.

If all else fails, and your time has truly ran out, pop to the bathroom and wrap yourself in loo roll, top off with bandages, and walk (like an Egyptian) with your arms in front of you, handy if you have kids that already refer to you as ‘mummy’… Or just cut a couple of eyeholes from a white sheet. BOO!

Will you be using any of these last minute costume ideas? What are you dressing up as this Halloween if not? We’d love to know!

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