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Getting Fit is Child’s Play

August 5, 2016

Getting Fit is Child’s Play. The most fun you’ve had working out, ever! Who needs the gym when you can burn fat in your garden and get your kids involved too. Shake it Up by Cambridge Weight Plan

Summer is here and the days are (mostly) hot and sunny! Some of you may find that you may not have quite as much time to work out when you’re running around after the kids, but who needs the gym when you can burn fat in your garden AND spend quality time with your little ones. Get ready for the most fun you’ve had working out, ever…

De-wobble your bum on a space hopper
That classic toy you bopped around on in the 80s? It’s your passport to a gravity-defying behind! When you’re on one you’re in a permanent squat position, which will tone up your bum.

Get working: With your feet flat on the floor, hold on tight and position your legs in a wide stance while keeping your back straight. Now jump forward eight hops, then back for eight more, making sure you master the technique before going too fast (and finding yourself in the flower bed). Once you’ve perfected this, do eight to the left and right to work your outer thighs.

CALORIES BURNED: 110 in 10 minutes

Shrink your arms with Swingball
OK, so you might have to duck and dive a little but Swingball is the ultimate upper body workout. Hitting the ball in both directions means you’re working all your arm muscles, and the harder and faster you hit, the harder your arms will work. It’s also fab for developing your core muscles, which are the secret to a toned stomach.

Get working: Face the pole and hold the bat securely – and then swing! Hit in alternate directions – the better you get, the faster the ball will fly back at you and the fitter you’ll become. Aim to complete 50 shots in each direction

CALORIES BURNED: 85 in 10 minutes

Bounce off your thighs with a trampoline
Trampolines are used by all sorts of professional athletes. They give you a great heart-pumping workout without putting any pressure on your joints, so there’s less chance of injury than other activities like running.

Get working: Alternate 30 seconds of upright jumping with 30 seconds of lifting your knees towards your chest, and 30 seconds of flicking your heels to your bum, then rotating 90 degrees to your left and right. This might take a little bit of practice but you’ll soon be bouncing away your wobbly bits!

CALORIES BURNED: 100 in 10 minutes

Getting Fit is Child’s Play. The most fun you’ve had working out, ever! Who needs the gym when you can burn fat in your garden and get your kids involved too. Shake it Up by Cambridge Weight Plan

Skip yourself slimmer
Skipping away your hips really is child’s play. This is one of the most effective fat-burning workouts you can do, and it’s fab at toning your legs and stomach too.

Get working: Start with two minutes of light skipping to get used to the rhythm. Then do two minutes of hopping on each leg, two minutes of slow, high jumps, and then two minutes of fast, low jumps. If you can’t do it all, don’t worry – put the rope down and pretend to skip. The movement’s exactly the same and although you don’t get the same benefits to your arms, it’s still great exercise.

CALORIES BURNED: 105 in 10 minutes

Tone your tum with a hula hoop
Hula hooping is great as it uses all your stomach muscles and not just the front ones like you would with crunches. Hula hooping gives you an amazing full body workout, just 10 minutes of hip swaying a day can help shrink your waistline!

Get working: Hold the hula hoop just above waist height and gyrate your hips in a circular motion while spinning it. It’ll take a while to get used to it, so don’t worry if you can’t hold the hoop suspended for long at first. Pull your tummy in tight and clench your bum to really work your muscles. Aim to keep going for a full five minutes, then reverse the direction you’re swinging in and repeat for a further five minutes.

CALORIES BURNED: 90 in 10 minutes

Trim your legs with a micro-scooter
Your legs will love scooting. This low-impact exercise is great for toning but the benefits don’t end there. Scooting burns fat, builds core stability and will help with endurance and balance too. What’s more, it’s something you can do with the kids during the holidays as well as being a healthy alternative to the car for the school run come autumn.

Get working: To warm up, scoot along for six to eight minutes, alternating the leg you use to propel yourself every minute. Sweep each leg forwards and backwards while doing this to feel the full benefits.

CALORIES BURNED: 60 in 10 minutes

We hope you have fun getting fit with the kids this summer!

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