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Fitspiration: Jade Pearson

September 9, 2016

Fitness Interview with Cambridge Weight Plan’s Woman of the Year Jade Pearson, our ultimate fitspo, she talks gym essentials, work outs and getting started!This month we caught up with Cambridge Weight Plan’s Woman of the Year Jade Pearson, our ultimate Fitspiration, and asked her what she loves about keeping fit…

Tell us about your weight-loss journey:

I’ve always been big, I was bullied terribly at school for being the chubby girl, and in fact I’ve never been a similar size to girls my age growing up. After I had my daughter who is now 3, I piled on a massive 7 stone taking me to nearly 22 stone. I became a hermit, I binged on rubbish and turned to food as my comfort during bad relationships and losing the woman who raised me. I decided enough was enough and contacted a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant as the results seemed too good to be true. I lost the weight for my health and for my daughter, she needed her mum and I was on the verge of a stroke and diabetes at the age of 23. I also wanted to pursue my dream career and get into university but there was no way I was confident enough to go for it at the size I was. Life now is incredible! I’m 11 and a half stone lighter, I have a fantastic job as a makeup artist and stylist and I’m at university studying doing theatre arts, training to be a drama teacher. My confidence is soaring! For the first time I feel confident enough to be on my own and not rely on anyone and be the mum my daughters deserves, it’s like magic!

At what stage in your weight-loss journey did you discover fitness?

I began by upping my walking to build my fitness by taking my dogs out more around 4-5 months into my journey, but hadn’t started any proper exercise until 10 months into my journey when I’d lost around 9 stone. I started off slow with a brisk, power walk leading onto a swim, then a run with a friend.

What benefits do you feel from exercise?

Working out improves my mood, helps me sleep, helps me maintain my weight loss and believe it or not I actually enjoy going! For me the gym and exercise is a release! If I’ve had a bad day or even a good day I love nothing more than sticking my head phones in and smashing a legs workout. I come away feeling powerful and strong and ready to take on the rest of my day or week. Exercising keeps me grounded and focused, the gym is also a good place to socialise.

What’s your favourite kind of work out?

Personally I enjoy HIIT workouts and weights at the gym! I love a good weights session, and they’re brilliant for burning fat. A lot of women are afraid of weights as they think they’ll bulk up but that isn’t always the case.

How often do you work out? How long for?

I exercise 3-5 times a week and it’s a huge part of my weekly regime. I do an hour at the gym each time I go, but if I’m in a real rush and stuck for time I’ll do an intense 30-45 minutes with less breaks.

What are your gym essentials?

I think a good pair of trainers with ankle support are essential and I’d advise anyone thinking of getting into fitness to get some! Also, a good workout water bottle and a small towel for any sweaty messes are always in my gym bag.

What advice do you have for slimmers thinking about starting a fitness journey?

My would be to firstly to make sure you’ve spoken to your Consultant and are on a suitable Step – you cannot do an hour of cardio while on sole source! Be realistic with your goals and start off small, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you can’t run 10 miles in your first session don’t beat yourself up about it! Work with time rather than distance and set small goals each session so you get better and better. Don’t push yourself or expect too much from yourself, you’re already on an amazing journey, enjoy it!

Make workouts fun – do them at home, with friends or involve your kids, stick some music on and turn cleaning house into a work out. Whatever makes exercise enjoyable for you, just do it! I enjoy classes which is something I always recommend to people, you can make new friends and have some fun!

Stick with it and don’t give up, it soon becomes addictive, trust me. Don’t stress about how many calories you’re burning or how long you’ve been training for – a short more intense workout is sometimes more effective anyway!

Above all, I’d remind people that not having enough time isn’t really an excuse. If you’re watching Eastenders you could still do some squats/lunges/star jumps/press ups/planks, there are always ways to find time. Finally, just enjoy it, enjoy feeling fit and enjoy looking great!

Thank you Jade for your Fitspirational advice!

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