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How to Diet Over Christmas

December 19, 2016

How to Stay on Track over Christmas. Sticking to a diet over Christmas is impossible without support. Which is why Cambridge Weight Plan slimmers are so much more likely to succeed... Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan
Sticking to a diet over Christmas can be nigh-on impossible without the right support. Which is why Cambridge Weight Plan slimmers are so much more likely to succeed, with their Consultant by their side to offer great advice we’ve heard many a report of successful slimmers continuing to drop pounds while the rest of the world are struggling to do up their jeans come the 26th of December.

We asked our incredible community of trained Consultants and weight-loss experts to provide their top tips for keeping their clients on track over Christmas.

Step Up

If the thought of tucking into a Lemon Bar while everyone else wolfs down their Christmas dinner fills you with despair, then ask for guidance on moving to up to Step 2 for the day. A few slices of Turkey, a side of greens and a drizzle of gravy, then whip yourself up a CWP-friendly dessert with a Chocolate Mint or Fruits of the Forest Shake made up with Mix-A-Mousse to finish the meal off.

Send yourself a card

If you feel like you’ll need a helping hand with your willpower and resolve, send yourself a Christmas card. Stick your before picture in there and some words of encouragement. Open on Christmas morning and remind yourself that you’re giving yourself the gift of a new you – we don’t think even Santa could bring you a better gift than that!


Everything sparkles at Christmas, so fill your glass with bubbles, well, sparkling water. If you want to be subtle when avoiding the cocktails and champagne that will be undoubtedly flowing all around you this December, opt for a sparkling water. You could even add some Cambridge Weight Plan water flavouring to make it more exciting. Remember that drinking alcohol, leads to dehydration, which leads to water retention, which will affect your weight loss.

Get ahead

Remember when everyone starts thinking about their New Year’s resolutions over the next few weeks you’re already ahead and have already survived Christmas, what an achievement!

Write a wish list

Fill your wish list for friends and family with gifts that will help you stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle – fitness gadgets, sportswear, kitchen appliances (think spiralizers, blenders, steamers), or vouchers towards restocking your wardrobe for your newly slim self.

Will this be your first Christmas following Cambridge Weight Plan? We hope these tips will help keep you strong. Why not lean on our awesome #CWPFamily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some moral support from other slimmers doing the same!

Are you in need of a helping hand to lose weight this festive season? Look for a Consultant in your area now who can help you ‘get elfy’ this Christmas.

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Floss December 20, 2016 - 6:15 pm

Why would people want to eat like that for one day I say eat what you want you will find you won’t over indulge anyway it’s one day enjoy time with your family and eat your lunch your way


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