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How to Change a Habit in 30 Days

January 18, 2017

change-a-habit-in-30-daysHow are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Were any of your resolutions related to changing a habit? Maybe you wanted to give up smoking or stop biting your nails? Perhaps it was to stop reaching for the biscuit tin at your coffee break?Maybe you wanted to make some new habits, like exercising daily or sticking to your new diet plan fully. We’ve got an action plan today to help you make some positive changes in 2017.

Some research suggests that you need to commit to 30 whole days in order to make or break a habit. So we’ve created this handy print out for you to stick in the fridge/above your desk to help you focus on your habit altering plan.

Set yourself a reward for reaching those 30 complete days of focus and success, a really nice treat like a spa treatment, getting your nails done, a new clothing purchase or day out somewhere fab! Simply tick off every day that you’ve completed your new habit goal and at the end of the 30 days reward yourself! Remain focused on that end goal and you’re sure to succeed.

Top tip: tell others what you’re hoping to achieve – the more people who know about your challenge the more people who can stop you if they see you starting to chew your nails, or trying to break your diet.

If you need guidance about sticking to your new years diet, why contact a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant and see if they can support your weight loss goals for 2017.

Change a habit printable – click on the image below to download it!


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