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The Beginning, Middle and End – A Slimmer’s Journey

March 28, 2017


The Beginning, Middle and End – A Slimmer’s Journey. At each stage of your weight loss you will be faced with a different set of challenges. From the highs to the lows, this is a slimmer’s journey... Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight Plan

At each stage of your journey you will be faced with a different set of challenges, as you overcome each of these you’ll probably find your next hurdle is waiting right around the corner. In this post we try and get into a slimmer’s head and see what is going on in there at various points of their journey. From the highs to the lows, this is a slimmer’s journey.

Week 1

Day 1

“I had my first appointment with my Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant today. I’m so ready to finally make this change… but I’m scared, what if I’m hungry? What if I don’t have the willpower to see me through this? What if it doesn’t work? I guess all I can do is try…”

Day 4

“Oh gosh, the past few days were tough! I can’t believe how much water I’ve been drinking, it feels like I’ve seen more of the inside of a toilet cubicle in the past few days than I’ve ever seen before in my life!

My friends at work keep telling me that I won’t be able to do it, they’re making me doubt myself a little bit.

I went to bed early yesterday, so that I didn’t feel tempted to keep poking my head into the snack cupboard… I woke up today feeling like I had loads more energy, I’m starting to think I can actually do this!”

Day 7 – (First weigh in)

“I cannot believe what I have just seen on the scales in my Consultant’s office… I started checking to see if a limb had suddenly fallen off that I hadn’t noticed! I’ve never lost this much weight in a week before, it’s unbelievable. Knowing I can do this in a week I’m finally starting to see the end of the tunnel, maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it to my goal this time!”


“I’m halfway to my goal now, the Plan has become a breeze. I’ve got into a proper routine, I wake up every morning with bundles of energy. I practically skip downstairs to make up my first product of the day – usually a Shake in the week while I’m on the go, and a Porridge at the weekend so I can sit down and savour it. I’ve found some really great product hacks on the CWP blog too that have inspired me to get creative! I’m loving the iced coffee.

I’m feeling great – my face is looking totally different, my clothes are so loose now they look a bit silly, I’ve taken to belting everything at the moment. I have no idea what to wear when losing weight, I’ve been hiding my shape for long! People at work are starting to notice too which is an amazing feeling.

People are starting to tell me I should stop now, that I don’t need to lose anymore… I do feel wonderful now. Maybe I should?

But there’s still a dress at the back of my closet that I’d love to squeeze into again, and with that big event only a few months away… My Consultant is so supportive and encouraging, I think I would have fallen off the wagon a long time ago if it wasn’t for them… I’m going to carry on a little bit longer…”

 The End

“I DID IT! I am so proud of myself! I can’t believe I ever considered stopping before I got here…

I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, my head hasn’t quite caught up with what I see in front of me – is that really me? Did I really just buy a size 10 dress from Topshop? Sometimes I don’t even recognise myself when I walk past the mirror.

I can go into any shop now and pick something of the rails and know it will fit. I have the confidence to wear skinny jeans, me! In skinny jeans!

I’ve discovered foods I had no idea I liked, and learned so much about what I’m eating and portion control, I was definitely overfilling my plate before and not being very conscious about what I was having. Who knew I liked vegetables so much!

I’ve started pouring all my extra energy into exercise as well… I’d never stepped foot in a gym before Cambridge Weight Plan and now I’m going to dancercise classes every week, and making friends!

The best bit is that I proved everyone wrong who said I couldn’t do this! They can’t believe their eyes now!”

Can you relate to this slimmer journey? Have you had these moments too? Let us know what part of the journey you’re on now in the comments below…

If you want to feel this amazing at the end of your journey, with one-to-one weight-loss support every step of the way to get you there why not find a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant today and get started on your own path to success!

We have loads of other slimmers, just like you, who’ve made it to the end, read their success stories for even more motivation.


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Paul Berryman March 29, 2017 - 6:49 pm

I can absolutely relate to this! I’ve been messing around for the last four years, have been in denial about my weight and all the while, watched my weight balloon.
I’ve bought shirts that are too big for me instead of addressing the real issue. I was overweight, getting bigger, eating more and making excuses.
On February 16th, I started the Cambridge Diet 1 day after my 47th birthday at a weight of 16st 9lb.
The first three days were tough with lots of headaches as I detoxed and the obvious hunger and cravings for food and drink that I had been eating. The funny thing is, it doesn’t take the body long to adjust and on the fourth day I thought, this is ok!
The first weigh in emphasised this where I had lost 8lb in the first week! This gives you unbelievable motivation!
Second weigh in, another 7lb lost! 1st and 1lb lost in two weeks!
I’ve stuck to the plan religiously moving on to Step 2 and lost another 5lb in week 3 and another 3lb in week 4 making it 23lb in 32 days. I have another 7lb to go to my first goal of 14st 7lb which I’m going to change to 14st to try and lose all of the fat around my stomach.
I have more energy, more self esteem (people have noticed the difference), I feel fitter and stronger and I am sleeping better!
Be like me, stop making excuses and give it a go. It works!

Shake It Up March 30, 2017 - 11:17 am

Paul, this is amazing! You’re doing so well – keep up the good work!

We’re always looking for male slimmer success stories – if you want to share your story drop us an email to pr@cambridgeweightplan.co.uk 🙂


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