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  • If anyone knows fitness, its got to be Santa himself! How else does he get to ALL those children’s houses, shimmy down chimneys and lift that huge sack full of gifts in just ONE NIGHT? Obviously he may not be…
  • Party Dress Workout

    by Shake It Up November 8, 2016
    The party season is nearly upon us. It’s time to come out from behind your cosy cardigans and fluffy jumpers and embrace the sleeveless and strapless party fashions! Prep your arms, chest and back for exposure with this little routine,…
  • Swimming for Fitness

    by Shake It Up November 4, 2016
    Now the darker nights are here, walking for fitness may start to become a little more difficult if you don’t want to go out wandering in the dark. Why not get fit indoors… in your local swimming pool! There are…
  • Another to add to our list of ‘how to become a morning person’ tips – try this routine featuring a little stretching and easy exercises to wake your body up and get your blood pumping first thing. A little morning…
  • Top 5 Fitness Apps

    by Shake It Up October 14, 2016
    Top 5 Fitness Apps Your phone not only holds the secret to keeping you organised, in touch with your friends and family, for tracking your water consumption and progress and the ultimate downfall to your good night’s sleep plans (see…
  • This month we caught up with Cambridge Weight Plan’s Woman of the Year Jade Pearson, our ultimate Fitspiration, and asked her what she loves about keeping fit… Tell us about your weight-loss journey: I’ve always been big, I was bullied…