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A-Z of CWP

December 28, 2016

Everything you need to know about losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan. Here's our A to Z of CWP, a definitive guide to the Plan!A – Achieve, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

B – Before and afters, have a look at our amazing before and after success stories to inspire you.

C – #CWPfamily, have you found our incredible CWP family on social media yet? On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you’ll find 100s of other slimmers on the same journey, join in!

D – Drink water, lots and lots of water!

E – Exercise, get your body moving, shake up your routine, whether you want to work out from your sofa or go for a walk, every little helps burn those calories!

F – Flexible, we offer a range of flexible weight-loss plans to suit every lifestyle, find out more about the Steps on our YouTube channel!

G – Goals, we have some top tips to help you reach your goals.

H – Healthy recipes, who said dieting was boring? We’ve got loads of exciting recipes for all tastes. Speak to your Consultant about our recipe books too!

I – Instagram, quickly becoming the post popular motivational tool out there, set yourself up an account to track your weight loss, you’ll make loads of friends who will support you too (see: ‘C’).

J – Journey, are you ready to start your weight-loss journey? Check out our slimmers’ top tips on getting started.

KKick start, CWP can be the perfect way to kick start your weight-loss journey. Find out how the Plan works!

L – Lifestyle, if you see this as a lifestyle change and you’re sure to maintain. Read our Lifestyle Award winner Erin’s story about how she managed to successfully keep her weight off for 2 years.

M – Motivation, what motivates you? Finding your source of motivation can really help keep you on track. See the top 5 weight-loss motivators here.

N – Non-Scale Victories, celebrate every weight-loss victory not just the pounds going down, but dropping a dress size, running up the stairs without getting out of breath, painting your toenails!

O – One-to-one support, what makes Cambridge Weight Plan unique is the one-to-one support you get from a Consultant – no group weigh ins, no explaining your eating habits to a room full of people, just a friendly weekly chat with your own personal weight-loss Consultant, who’s dedicated to looking after you.

P – Products, think we’re just a shakes and soups diet? Think again! We have a range of weight-loss products, from smoothies to porridges, bars to help you when you’re on the go, and pasta and curry dishes for your evening meal, check out our full range of awesome products.

Q – Questions (your Consultant has the answers!), not only is your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant fully trained and accredited by us!

R- Research, did you know that we’ve been around for more than 30 years? Read all about the history and research that lead to us becoming one of the most established weight loss brands in the world.

S – Showcase, we produce our in-house magazine Showcase twice a year, crammed full of success stories, recipes and weight-loss advice. Speak to your Consultant about purchasing the latest issue, or have a flick through back issues online.

T – Toilet trips… (See also: ‘D’, Drink lots of water…) at least your adding steps to your fitness trackers.

U – Understanding, remember your Consultant has been on the same journey as you, losing weight and changing their lives. They understand you.

V – Very, very nutritious! Each Cambridge Weight Plan product has a third of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals! Wow!

W – Weigh in, get excited for your weekly weigh ins – whether in the comfort of your own home or the privacy of your Consultant’s office, you’ll get to watch the pounds fall before your very eyes.

X – No eXcuses, what are you waiting for? Find a Consultant today!

Y –  You’ve got this! Believe in yourself, we know you can do it!

Z – Zone, most slimmers say it takes approximately 4 days to fully get in the zone, after that it’s easy, stick with it!


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Jackie Llewellyn December 30, 2016 - 4:47 pm

Sounds great have been on the cambridge diet before but that was YRS ago

Anuradha February 4, 2017 - 8:14 am

Its awesome n it WORKS


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