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5 Things to Achieve Before 2016 is Over

November 21, 2016

5 Things to Achieve before 2016 is Over. There is still time to achieve your goals in 2016 if you stay focused, Whether you're aiming for a weight loss transformation or fitness... Shake It Up by Cambridge Weight PlanThere is still time this year to achieve your goals. Whether you’re aiming for an incredible weight loss transformation, fighting for fitness or reaching for the stars to transform your life in other ways, now is the time to stay focused and not stray from your path… Here’s a list we’ve put together of things are all achievable in the time that is left of 2016 and will give you a little boost.

1. Make tracks with fitness

There are plenty of exercises you can start this time of year, videos you can do from the comfort of your home, workouts you can complete while bingeing on your favourite Netflix series. Check out our sofa work out or walking for fitness to start taking small steps today (literally). If you’re already feeling fit then set a new challenge, sign up to a big race or event next year that you’ll need to train for or start that new class you’ve been toying with.

2. Be 100%

How many times have you had a ‘100% week’ – a week when you stuck completely to Plan and resisted every temptation? If the answer is ‘never’ then now is the time to really focus on having at least one 100% week before the year is out, you may find once you’ve done it once, a lot of other 100% weeks will follow. Start small with ‘100% days’ if the task seems daunting, you’ll soon find that it gets easier as you go along. Speak to your Consultant if you need support staying on plan.

3. Celebrate a non-scale victory

You have a little over 5 weeks left of 2016, what non-scale victory could you celebrate before then? Drop a jean size (easy with Cambridge Weight Plan’s and your Consultant’s support). Run up the stairs without feeling out of breath? Will you lose inches as well as pounds? It’s important to celebrate the experiences weight loss brings you as well as the numbers sliding down on the scales.

4. Do something for charity

If you’ve been following the Plan for a while you may be noticing that your clothes are getting looser, it’s time to clear those ‘too big’ items out of your wardrobe. Charities like Shelter will benefit from things like old coats and jumpers at this time of year to help those on the streets. Pay it forward this November by taking your old clothes to charity and remove the temptation to fit back into them! If you want to know what to refill your wardrobe with, check out our ‘what to wear when you’re losing weight’ post.

5. Review Your Goals

Now is the perfect time of year to look at what have you have on your list of goals that you could tick off before the year is over, aim for any small victory that will take you one step closer to your goals. Review what you’ve achieved and start looking ahead to the future, weight loss is only the beginning of your journey, what are you going to do to maintain your weight? What experiences have you been putting off that you could go for now? Have a read of our amazing weight loss success stories for some inspiration.

What are you aiming to achieve before the end of 2016?

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Kim Stock November 28, 2016 - 3:57 pm

1, 2 – yes. 3 – I don’t really do often enough. 4 – Just turfed out a load of clothes I’d been hanging on to, for some reason! And 5… my goal is to pay it forward, to help others to achieve their goals also!


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