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5 Diet Struggles You’ll Totally Relate To

April 27, 2017

5 Diet Struggles You’ll Totally Relate To - Every person’s weight-loss journey is unique, however there are some diet problems that everyone can relate to, no matter what diet plan they’ve followed… Shake it Up by Cambridge Weight PlanEvery person’s weight-loss journey is unique to them, however there are some diet problems that everyone can relate to, no matter what diet plan they’ve followed…

  1. The Weigh-In Strip Down

As you approach the scales you start shedding layers, you remove your cardigan, shoes, socks, glasses, rings, earrings. You google ‘how much do contact lenses weigh?’ just in case that has an impact on your weigh in.

We know some slimmers prefer to weigh in a particular outfit, just in case their Primark t-shirt weighs more than their H&M one… We know a lot of slimmers like to weigh in their undies… and many prefer to weigh in the nude (hey, every ounce of fabric counts!)

  1. Just say no!

“Treat yo-self!” your friend/boyfriend/cousin/aunty’s dogsitter yells at you. “One Malteaser won’t hurt,” or “It’s my birthday you HAVE to eat cake!”

Why does it seem that the moment you mention that you’re on a diet, everyone around you suddenly becomes intent on feeding you and derailing all of your hard work (where was all this free cake before? That’s what we’d like to know!).

Just remember willpower is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets! Just say no and you’ll forget you ever even liked cake (… ok maybe not)

  1. “There are 59 tiles on my bathroom floor…”

You know this because you make 600 trips a day to the bathroom. When you first start drinking your recommended daily allowance of water, your bladder suddenly decides it is the size of a pea with the strength of a flea!

You start planning days out around the knowledge that there will be a toilet nearby at any given sudden-need-to-wee moment.

On the plus side your skin is glowing and your step count is off the charts with all these additional visits to the loo!

  1. Is there a way to block ‘#foodporn’ on Instagram?

Did the trend suddenly boom out of control the second you decided that you were going on a diet? I swear there wasn’t this much food on there before! Why are all my friends eating at really trendy restaurants with quadruple stacked burgers and freak shakes all of a sudden? You’re really working that willpower muscle now…

Drown out the distractions by filling your ‘following’ list with members of our incredible #CWPFamily instead and your feed will be awash with amazing before and afters and CWP friendly foods. Phew, no need to delete the app after all!

  1. It’s not you, it’s me…

Suddenly Dominos are texting on a weekly basis, ‘It’s Two for Tuesdays’, “Hi Valued Customer, here’s 20% off, it’s been a while”.

Sorry, it’s over, it’s not you (because you’re delicious!) it’s me, I’ve been working out my willpower muscles so much now that I’m strong enough to live without you. We had some great times, but now I’m moving on with my life. We hope you can too…

If you’re struggling to stay focussed on your weight-loss plan why not get yourself a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant who offers one-to-one support, they’ve ‘been there and done that’ with their weight-loss journey and they know the struggles! They’re there to help you every step of the way.

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